What We Do

Everything we do is driven by our core belief: young people are happy to be marketed to, as long as it adds value to their lives.

We believe that a brand’s ambition and the needs of young people are not mutually exclusive. At Neato, we see ourselves brokering the relationship between young communities and brands in a way that benefits both parties.

For each of our projects, we begin by conducting research to understand emerging needs of young audiences. Through this process, we uncover insights that will lead to opportunities for our clients to connect with their target demographic.

Youth culture is always changing. Every year, more than five million new people enter the life stage, and five million leave. It’s a revolving door with new values, needs and desires emerging constantly.

Our commitment is to always stay in touch with this ever-changing community. We do this by spending quality time on campus and in market, in addition to the direct contact we have with young people working in our programs. When needed, we also conduct our own primary research, including in-context observations and focus groups.

We bring our audience insights to our clients, and facilitate collaborative work sessions to identify opportunities for the brand to have impact. We believe that the most effective concepts are the ones that we generate together, and we have the capability to prototype new ideas, from initial sketches to full experiences. Our curiosity does not end when we shift to execution: we are always looking to iterate on the experiences we have designed.

Our team has the capability to manage and execute projects that range from one-off campaigns through to comprehensive evergreen national programs. We apply a rigorous approach to measuring program performance, and we are always looking to optimize to create greater benefits and impact. Our most successful programs run for multiple years, and build effectiveness throughout that time. Ultimately, we are looking to form long-lasting relationships with clients, and deliver many forms of value during this time.

“Neato’s program was the most impactful thing we have ever executed.”
Director of Marketing, Anheuser-Busch

Our services are available as integrated programs, or as individual offerings.

  • Gen Z Insights

    We conduct our own quantitative and qualitative research, looking for insights that will inspire new ways to connect with and engage young audiences. We also have ongoing discussions with target Gen Z groups to help us assess and refine concepts.

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  • Marketing Strategy

    We help our clients develop marketing strategy or tailor their existing strategy to the target audience. We support this by bringing Gen Z insights to the table, and facilitating collaboration around strategy development.

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  • Experience Design

    We help brands and universities to create services, experiences, and products that are centered on the the needs of young people.

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  • Concept Generation

    To generate a good idea, you first have to generate a lot of ideas. We come up with concepts in-house and co-create ideas with young people. We also host collaborative ideation sessions with our clients.

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  • College Marketing Programs

    We conceive and execute programs that bring our clients’ brands to life and help grow their businesses in college markets. Specific objectives might be a product launch, implementing a particular campaign or connecting to a new audience.

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  • Ambassador & Field Marketing Programs

    We design, execute and manage comprehensive people programs. We find well-connected and capable people in each market and provide them with robust support and coaching, from onboarding and throughout the program. Performance is measured throughout the program and drives constant optimization.

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  • Marketing Creative

    We develop concepts to achieve brand objectives, and then see these through all the way to production. We seek to provide our clients with a set of inspiring options, tailored to their specific needs and target audience.

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  • Experiential Marketing & Events

    We provide a full service around events and activations in markets throughout the US. This can range from designing the consumer experience to oversight and management of in-market logistics and production.

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  • Media Planning & Placement

    We provide services that range from design of campaigns through to strategic media placement and analysis of ongoing performance.

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  • Client Workshops

    We have extensive experience in running collaborative and creative workshops. We do these around challenges we are working on, as well as facilitating workshops for our clients around other projects.

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